SHOTTY. The post-production app.

Make your pixels tasty, and let us handle versions, chats and annotations for you.

Shotty app in action  

CGevent demo

Our pricing is very simple:
you pay $0.5 for every active user working on your projects each day.

You get unlimited projects, users and almost unlimited* cloud-storage space for your versions.

*You do not need to upload heavy assets like dpx or exr sequeunces to work with annotations and compare functionality

Shotty app in action Creating a ‘comp’ task for every shot of the ‘SLEG’ sequence

Shotty app in action Comparing a version with a plate

Shotty app in action Viewing plates for selected shots

Shotty app in action Editing a user tasks


19 June, 2016: Catch us at CGEVENT in Saint Petersburg!

We are heading to CGEVENT taking place on May 28 in Saint Petersburg, so you can find us there and ask anything you interested in.

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and smart

We're always learning something new. Then we consider how our new knowledge can help us and other people. You'll be using carefully selected technologies of all the coolness available today.


and unobtrusive

We know all aspects of video post-production process. You can be sure that our application gives you anything that any professional needs and in the same time it's here to make your work easier.


and powerful

In our vision a proper application should never make you wait for it. And in the same time, it should give you all the functions you can imagine. That's our biggest challenge with the highest priority.