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Status - We are no longer developing the project.
There is only support for current users and bug fixes.

project management for VFX and animation studios
We offer planning without mindblowing charts
Clear versions history
Kanban boards for tasks
Todos for versions
Powerful API
Our customers say
«For me personally, if we leave money, integration and assetting aside, Shotty is beating ftrack because it's a lot more cleaner in general and is not overloaded with information on the screen.
And that's really awesome! Because you can quickly find what you need, and therefore it's easy to add someone in a team (a freelancer, a director or a producer) because they won't drown themselves in questions like «how to add dailies» or «where to read comments»
Danil Lavrentev
VFX supervisor CJVFX Studio
«Shotty is a fast, easy and handy way to work. You can quickly look over all the updates for the day. Also, you can setup a Telegram Bot to send you updates»
Alexander Lipilin
VFX supervisor Main Road | Post
«Shotty replaced a bunch of different tools we've used in our studio.
First of all, you open it and instantly see what's done and what's not.
You can easily find shots you need to work with, thanks to the clear previews. You don't need to dive into the depths of project tree, instead you have filters you can tune for any kind of task»
Vladimir Kufeld
Modeling supervisor Main Road | Post
«SHOTTY put everything in its place making the managing process plain and natural. It's a young and fast-growing product which is highly influenced by its end-users, therefore SHOTTY fits the industry needs perfectly. Its simple and clear interface is free from many flaws of the competitors. For example, to use SHOTTY you don't have to install anything, you just use your browser — this is invaluable when you want to involve your client into the working process! For us it's an absolute triumph over the mess that tortured before»
Denis Vezhnovets
VFX supervisor @ Cubic studio
Our team
Founder & Art Director
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True programmer
— When operations have to be arranged in a sequence in order to maintain the consistency of entities, or when we're dealing with in/out — async/await is what would help us a lot.